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Inauguration of New Bank Note Printing line at CNP Nashik & BNP Dewas

Jan 27, 2022 , New Delhi –
Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) under its modernization initiatives has set up New Bank Note Printing Lines each at Currency Note Press, Nashik and Bank Note Press, Dewas. On 27 January, 2022, the inauguration of new bank note printing line at CNP Nashik was done by Smt. Meera Swarup, Special Secretary & Financial Adviser, Ministry of Finance, and for the new bank note printing line at Bank Note Press, Dewas inauguration was done by Sh. Shashank Saksena, Sr. Economic Adviser, Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance through virtual mode in the presence of Hon’ble Member of Parliament Sh. Hemant Tukaram Godse from Nashik constituency; Smt. Tripti Patra Ghosh, Chairman and Managing Director, SPMCIL; Sh. S.K. Sinha, Director (HR), SPMCIL; Sh. Vinay Kumar Singh, CVO, SPMCIL; Sh. Rajesh Bansal, Chief General Manager, BNP Dewas and Sh. Bolewar Babu, Chief General Manager, CNP Nashik.