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Bank Note Press, Dewas is an industrial unit of Security Printing & Minting Corporation of India limited, Wholly owned by government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, BNP was established in 1974 to print world class high quality bank notes of different denominations. Bank Note Press, Dewas is headed by the Chief General Manager, who directly reports to the Chairman & Managing Director of Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited.

The Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited was formed after corporatization of all nine Security units of presses / mints which were earlier working under Ministry of Finance. SPMCIL was registered on 13-1-2006 with its headquarters at Jawahar Vyapar Bhawan, New Delhi.

It is situated on the Agra-Bombay National Highway near the famous Chamundeshwari Hillock in the town of Dewas. It is 1.5 Kms from Dewas Railway station, 35 Kms from Indore, and 35 Kms from Ujjain located in Malwa Region of Madhya Pradesh.

This unit is engaged in printing of bank notes incorporating higher security features like Intaglio/ Orlof printing, micro tints, inter-lock designs, see through designs, latent image, use of fluorescent & optically variable inks etc., to impede forgery and meet the increasing demands of Reserve bank of India.

While successfully discharging the sovereign function assigned by the SPMCIL, Presently this unit is printing bank notes of Rs.20/-, Rs.100/- and Rs.500/- denominations and is capable to print bank notes of any denomination. The plant and machinery for such sophisticated security printing and processing were supplied by the World leaders M/s De La Rue Giori, including auxiliary supporting facilities like design, studio, plate making, Effluent Treatment Plant etc.

The campus is spread over in an area of 185 hectares of land apart from the high security printing complex, it has a residential complex (nearly 1400 quarters) with well supported infrastructure. The factory and Colony are nearly self-dependent for all its basic needs. The huge building structure housing the main printing complex is a piece of sound structural design and construction work executed under supervision of the central public works department. Security and fire coverage is being provided by the Central Industrial Security Force for the plant as well as transportation of bank note consignments to customers destinations.

The unit has battery of experienced, skilled and trained manpower totaling around 1400 in production, Control and maintenance etc to effectively and efficiently discharge the responsibilities assigned by the SPMCIL. Requisite training was given to the personnel at the start of the press and even on later dates. The process of training with the advancement of technology continues. This unit can be boast of having a dedicated team of officers, staff and workmen who brought laurels to the organization. During its past 40 eventful years of existence, this unit has crossed many milestones and has earned the reputation as a reliable and potential printer and supplier of high quality Bank Notes to the reserve Bank of India.

It one of the well known , modern and unique industrial unit of its kind in and around Dewas, having great bearing on the economy and living standards of the people of this region. In the midst of nearly 250 small and medium size industries in Dewas, it is truly like a jewel in the crown.

Organization Structure


Bank Note Press, Dewas an industrial unit of Government of India, Ministry of finance, Department of Economic Affairs, was conceived in the year 1969 and established in 1974. It is situated near the famous Chamundashwari Hillock in the small town of Dewas, in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh , spreading over an area of 185 Hectares.

It was the only unit to adopt the new technology of “Intaglio printing in the South Asian Region” and in a very short time, could become a dominant player in the arena of printing high denomination notes with higher security features for the last 30 years. RBI engages Bank Note Press in the sovereign function of printing and meeting the ever-increasing demand of higher denomination bank notes. It was establish with the objective of producing world class, high quality, new family bank notes to impede forgery by in coporating the then latest modern techniques like, the intaglio printing, the dry offset printing with security features such as continuous bleed of tints, interlock designs, see-through designs, use of fluorescent inks etc.

The design of Bank Note Press and machinery and technology for establishing the unit were obtained by entering into a contract with one M/s De La Rue Giori and Koeing & Bauer, now known as KBA Giori S.A., Switzerland, pioneers in the manufactures of security machines and allied equipment’s . The production was established in the year 1974 and first consignment of new family of notes was remitted to Reserve Bank of India in March 1975. Bank Note Press has been equipped with all the facilities for printing and processing of bank notes of high quality and has various wings to control various activities like printing, quality control, engineering, examination group, auxiliary and administrative group.

Security inks required for the printing of Bank Notes are manufactured in the Ink Factory unit established in the press premises along with the main factory in the year 1973. Ink Factory unit also meets the requirement of other units under SPMCIL.