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Procurement of Metal Beds

Procurement of Metal Beds

FOR TENDER NO : GEM/2023/B/3035064
Unit Name : Bank Note Press, Dewas
Name of Contractor :


Value of Contract : 621,300
Item/Nature of work : Procurement of Metal Beds
Mode of Tender Enquiry : GEM
Date of Publication of NIT : 03/07/2023
Type of Bidding :
Last Date of Receipt : 03/17/2023
Nos. of Tenders Recd.: 14
Nos. of Parties Qualified after technical evalution : 8
Nos. of Parties DisQualified after technical evalution : 6
Names of Parties Qualified after technical evalution :

1. M/s Khadelwal and Khadelwal
2. M/s AMN DEV Associates
3. M/s Decor Modular System Pvt. Ltd.
4. M/s Design Modular System
5. M/s Eros Industires
6. M/s GV Science and Surgical Co.
7. M/s Hanshil Enterprises
8. M/s Jalaram Steel Furniture Pvt. Ltd.

Names of Parties DisQualified after technical evalution :

1. M/s Hans Fabricators
2. M/s Bathmotor Services and Supplies
3. M/s Chakachak Industries
4. M/s Vanya Fasteners
5. M/s Tempus Furniture Solution
6. M/s Trident TEch Enterprises
7. M/s Vaibhavi Furniture and Fabrication
8. M/s Choudhary Agro Sales
9. M/s Jai Bajrang Multy Services
10.M/s Meraki Furniture Pvt. Ltd.
11.M/s Newtech Solution
12.M/s Nidhi Enterprises
13.M/s NS Supply and Services
14.M/s Priti International Ltd.
15.M/s Shaan Construction
16.M/s Shubh Furniture
17.M/s Sidojs
18.M/s Sparkling Hues Gems Pvt. Ltd.
19.M/s Sudarshan Steel
20.M/s Trivima Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Awarded to Lowest : Yes
Scheduled Date of completion of supplies : 06/30/2023
Contract No : GEMC-511687773222779
Contract Date : 05/01/2023
Actual Date of Start of Work :
Actual Date of Completion :
Award Date : 05/01/2023
Award Upload Date : 06/07/2023
Reasons for delay if any :
Remark if any :