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डाउनलोडUnit NameTender NumberTender TitleOpening Dateअंतिम तिथिपरिशिष्ट
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4781154AMC for Water Cooled Chiller की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-04-09 16:07:542024-04-17 14:30:54
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4728042Manpower Outsourcing Services DEO - की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-04-02 16:54:192024-04-12 11:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4815791INSPECTION OF LIFTING TOOL AND PRESSURE VESSELS - की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-04-07 16:43:502024-04-16 18:30:36
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासBNP/P/PTG/Insurnce/CWBN Paper/2024Insurance की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-04-06 14:38:252024-04-16 14:30:25
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4780644Tung Oil की खरीदी के लिए2024-04-01 15:56:002024-04-13 20:00:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4749452Micronized Wax की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-04-01 15:29:222024-04-13 20:00:45
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4728908Fynol Additive की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-04-01 15:21:202024-04-13 19:00:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4764892High Composite Phenolic Resin की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-04-01 14:48:592024-04-13 15:12:42
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4764119Micronized Calcium Carbonate की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-04-01 12:44:002024-04-13 20:00:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4791402Transportation of Empty MS drums 200 Liters Capacity from CNP or ISP Nashik to BNP Dewas के खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-04-01 10:43:212024-04-08 16:00:22
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4765266Manpower Outsourcing Services dispensary की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-28 12:06:142024-04-08 11:00:14
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4764586Manpower Outsourcing Services IT की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-28 11:45:352024-04-08 11:45:35
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4695406Under Packing Plastic Film की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-24 16:25:242024-04-15 16:30:24
बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4784406Thermal print head for Cutpack-V की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-23 17:42:162024-04-13 16:00:16
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवास6000018705/BNP/P/E/Heater/PAC/24Heaters of various Rating for Wsrtp plant की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-23 17:26:392024-04-12 14:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4728648Ink Duct Seal for IC M/c No. 11 & 12 की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-23 16:00:002024-04-13 16:00:00
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4790986KIOSK WITH APPLICATION SOFTWARE की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-23 16:56:042024-04-13 16:56:31
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4683920SITC of Lift की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-23 16:39:502024-04-13 19:00:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4644852Scissor lifts use for lighting maintnance work की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-14 12:17:242024-04-03 11:00:24
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4710008Zirconium Octoate की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-14 12:04:262024-03-30 13:00:26
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4710453IP BASED CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM FOR TREASURY WAGONS, CMC की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-13 17:00:002024-04-03 10:12:58
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4688693Paraflex G-62 (Epoxidized Soybean Oil DXLS) की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-11 10:04:432024-03-30 10:00:08
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4699479Hiring of vehicle with fuel and without driver basis की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-11 09:41:352024-03-16 18:00:35
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4662182Complex Modified Phenolic Resin की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-07 16:45:452024-03-27 19:00:34
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4572619Hydrocarbon Paraffinic Solvent की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-06 17:38:562024-02-23 17:30:56
निविदा दस्तावेज   बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4615730CA or CWA firm के लिए निविदा2024-03-05 15:42:282024-03-15 18:30:28
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4647839Manganese Octoate की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-01 17:50:562024-03-22 18:30:56Corrigendum terms and conditions
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4644779Soyabean Alkyd Resin 50% Oil Length की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-01 17:44:122024-03-23 18:00:12
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4634779MS Drums 15KG की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-03-01 17:37:382024-03-21 18:00:38Corrigendum - term and condition
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018666 /BNP/E/SPARE/PAC/24ELECTRONIC SPARES FOR NOTA SAVE III OF SOI MACHINE NO.10 की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-24 09:57:582024-03-22 14:30:58
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018670/BNP/AC/AMC/HP/PAC/24,AMC OF WATER COOLED SCREW HEAT PUMP की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-24 09:52:172024-03-22 14:30:07SD Amendment - Corrigendum 
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4568507Lead Acid Battery for D. G. Set की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-22 10:19:222024-03-02 15:00:22
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2024/B/4506191HDPE / PE Plastic Pallets की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-22 01:00:002024-03-02 13:00:00
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4615561ATLAS COPCO की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-20 11:37:302024-03-11 18:30:30
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4524023Nickel S Round or Pallets की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-14 17:30:092024-03-06 18:30:09
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4556535Battery operated Forklift with 3 Ton Capacity की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-13 15:31:162024-03-05 18:30:16
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवास6000018627/BNP/P/PVCRESIN/PAC/24PVC Resin Powder की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-12 15:34:022024-03-05 14:30:02
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4532349Print head for cutpack Machine की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-12 14:54:572024-03-04 11:30:57
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4514809Services of repairing of fauly underground cable की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-09 10:42:452024-02-28 10:30:37
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4477137Forklift Tyre की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-08 15:55:352024-02-29 18:30:35
बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4547921HIRING OF VEHICLE FOR CISF COMMANDANT की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-07 11:30:512024-02-28 11:30:51
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4509716Development tender for Pigment Carbon Black की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-06 16:52:482024-02-24 18:30:57
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4544312Bearing की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-06 15:30:252024-02-27 18:30:25
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4545431Rate contrcat Carbide Knife - की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-05 11:41:352024-02-26 18:30:35
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4533412CKD make Air Cylinders -की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-05 11:26:252024-02-23 18:30:25
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4540216AMC/CMC Weighing Scales की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-02 11:22:052024-02-23 18:30:05
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4481132Flux Pump Motor की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-02 11:15:052024-02-23 18:30:05
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018642/BNP/P/IT/GPS/24/PACGPS Subcription Renewal For 1 Year की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-05 10:53:402024-02-27 14:30:40
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4557363Pigment Carbon Black की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-06 16:46:542024-02-13 17:30:54
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4433784Slippers Chappal की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-02-05 10:44:262024-02-12 18:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4408975Cotton Yarn Waste as per IS 5485 की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-29 17:21:292024-02-08 16:00:29
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018590/MEch/SPRBPS/23/PACSpares of BPS Machine (Elect. & Mech) की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-29 12:11:232024-02-23 14:30:23
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4491230AMC and calibration of tool microscope projection की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-23 16:31:322024-02-02 17:00:26
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4431081Pb Anode की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-19 12:23:092024-02-09 12:30:09
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4476591Hiring of Consultant Services for Designing of Fire Hydrant System की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-19 12:00:212024-01-29 18:30:21
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4404234Plastic Body Evaporative Coolers - Desert Cooler की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-19 11:52:202024-01-29 11:30:15
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2024/B/4474683Operation and Maintenance Of Electrical Systems And Installations की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-18 17:01:192024-01-29 18:30:19
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4424252CAMC IT INFRA की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-17 12:36:442024-01-27 17:30:44
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4389841Conipack Containers 2.5 KG की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-03 15:28:272024-01-24 12:30:27
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018587/BNP/P/SF/Shoe/23/LTPump Shoe की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-19 09:48:332024-01-09 14:30:33
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4309987वर्दी का कपड़ा2023-12-18 18:17:062024-01-06 14:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4280949बिजली आपूर्ति 24वी डीसी/27 ए, बिजली आपूर्ति 24वी डीसी/46 ए2023-12-18 15:03:192024-01-08 12:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4377268Loading Unloading and Shifting Work की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-15 11:56:012024-01-23 18:30:01
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4438459PE Coated Band Roll - 100 banding की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-12 11:30:002024-01-31 11:00:00
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवास600018594/BNP/P/IT/ACS/23/PACFACE & FINGER READER FOR ACCESS CONTROL की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-12 16:42:542024-02-02 14:30:36
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2024/B/4422046Trichloroethylene LR grade की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-12 15:58:152024-01-31 15:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4373311Labels Stickers (V2) की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-09 10:57:222024-01-19 13:30:11
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4391382Plain RPVC shrink film की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-08 11:02:292024-01-16 11:30:29
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवास6000018569/BNP/ELE/SPARE/23/PACELECTRICAL SPARES FOR KOMORI INTAGLIO की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-04 16:35:582024-03-15 14:30:00परिशिष्ट
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018589/BNP/ACP/WCSHP/PAC/23SPARES OF HEAT PUMP की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-04 15:20:382024-01-23 14:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4390230Knit Cotton Fabrics Vest Cotton and Cotton Short Drawers की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-04 11:37:292024-01-15 11:30:17
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4318214SITC of Lift की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-02 16:45:072024-01-04 18:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4344459PPE Items की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2024-01-02 14:56:482024-01-23 17:30:48
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4294928Purchase of Renovation of Upgradation Training Hall at Admin Building2023-12-15 15:21:552023-12-25 16:30:55
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4335677Layer 2 Access Switch की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-29 17:23:002024-01-08 17:30:18
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4254974Aromatic Free HC Solvent की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-29 10:40:332024-01-04 14:30:33
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4233836DCO Penta Alkyd Resin 70% Oil Length की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-29 10:33:432024-01-04 18:30:43
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4373599Junction Box for Lighting की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-28 11:59:512024-01-08 12:30:51
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4266299AR Linseed Oil की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-27 17:59:322024-01-08 17:30:32
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4338297Arcnet Communication Card की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-22 15:43:422024-01-10 17:30:42
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4306829Water Cooler Cum Purifier की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-19 16:30:392024-01-06 11:30:39
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4308886SPARES FOR KAESER COMPRESSOR की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-19 10:38:042024-01-08 18:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4319795Block Board Boxes की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-19 10:14:482024-01-08 12:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4267191Pigment Fluorescent Greenish Yellow की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-19 09:57:292024-01-08 17:30:29
 बैंक नोट प्रैस देवासGEM/2023/B/4280949बिजली आपूर्ति 24वी डीसी/27 ए, बिजली आपूर्ति 24वी डीसी/46 ए2023-12-18 15:03:192024-01-08 12:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4310031LDPE SEMITUBE BIAXIAL SHRINKABLE FILM की खरीदी के लिए निविदा2023-12-14 13:10:092024-01-04 12:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018576/MECH/CTGDISC/23/PACGTS Make Counting Disc2023-12-05 12:19:032024-01-05 14:30:00
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018537 /BNPD/64/2023-TECH/PACWRAPPING MACHINE MOTOR FOR UNO FINISHING MACHINE2023-12-05 12:03:292024-01-13 14:00:29परिशिष्ट
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4250839Tender For Purchase of Provision and Applying of 3 MM thick PVC Flooring2023-12-01 10:34:092023-12-11 11:30:09
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4294928Tender For Purchase of Renovation of Upgradation Training Hall at Admin Building2023-12-15 15:21:412023-12-25 16:30:41
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4306983Tender For Purchase of Data Scan camera cable 15m2023-12-14 10:43:192024-01-03 11:30:19
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4249349Tender for porches of Alkyd Resin 72% Oil Length2023-12-12 11:16:592023-12-30 13:30:59
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4269564Tender for Purchase of FILTERS FOR VACUUM PUMP2023-12-09 10:12:412023-12-30 10:12:41
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4201151Pigment Permanent Red 1702023-12-08 10:57:002023-12-26 10:57:55
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4231271Pigment Phthalocyanine Beta Blue2023-12-08 10:40:452023-12-28 10:40:45
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018534 /BNPD/58/2023-TECH/PACSPARES FOR UNO CUTPAK WRAPPING MACHINE2023-12-05 12:08:522023-12-26 14:30:52
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018526/BNP/P/IF/TACKT/PAC/23Emergency Services for Tack Tester 4502023-11-30 15:54:002023-12-22 14:30:59
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018533/BNP/P/UFCM/PAC/2023Ultra-Filtration Ceramic Membrane and O Ring for U/F Ceramic Membrane2023-11-24 18:09:182023-12-22 14:30:18
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4250848Manpower Outsourcing Services - Minimum wage - Skilled; Others; Tender for Purchase of Driver2023-12-08 11:20:132023-12-18 13:30:13
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4201478SITC of Cooling Tower2023-12-02 17:01:092023-12-11 18:30:09
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4159749Micro weighing Balance2023-11-30 16:07:262023-12-11 12:30:26
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4140632Metal Beds2023-11-23 15:30:242023-12-04 11:30:24
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4085447IP BASED CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM FOR TREASURY WAGONS of CAMC2023-11-24 10:20:572023-12-14 14:30:57
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4117697100PC Desktop Computers2023-11-24 10:16:182023-12-04 18:30:18
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018536 /BNPD/52/2023-TECH/PACELECTRICAL SPARES FOR KOMORI LT-832 MACHINE2023-11-22 11:55:122023-12-12 14:30:12
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4106142Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime2023-11-21 17:51:352023-12-11 16:30:35
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4117973BKF 12 CONTROLLER CONVERTER, Installation and Commissioning Charges2023-11-21 17:48:432023-12-11 18:30:43
 बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4200870Pigment Disazo Orange 342023-11-21 05:44:002023-12-11 11:30:43
 बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4200976Cobalt Octoate2023-11-21 12:00:242023-12-11 12:00:24
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4186319PARAFLEX G-542023-11-20 17:54:002023-12-11 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4022705Housekeeping Items2023-11-08 16:07:072023-11-18 16:30:07
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4035635Operation And Maintenance Of Water Supply Systems2023-11-06 16:35:402023-11-16 13:30:40
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4114828DBM (Dibutyl Tin Maleate)2023-11-06 16:23:122023-11-27 11:30:12
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/4120227Battery Powdered Strapping Tool2023-11-06 14:46:002023-11-27 11:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4089995Comprehensive AMC for BMS System2023-10-28 17:32:052023-11-18 16:30:05
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4076963SPARES FOR ATLAS COPCO2023-10-28 11:30:262023-11-20 11:30:26
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4104789Manpower Outsourcing Services - Minimum wage - Skilled; Others; Driver - HMV2023-10-28 11:10:352023-11-07 11:30:35
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4104987Computer Printers2023-10-25 16:10:032023-11-04 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4090401SIMATIC HMI TP & Installation and commissioning of HMI TP 9002023-10-25 12:10:062023-11-13 12:00:06
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3989294Stationery items2023-10-21 12:02:112023-10-31 10:30:11
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018490/BNP/P/IDS/PAC/23Ink Duct Seal for IC M/c No.11 & 122023-10-20 13:28:252023-11-21 14:30:25
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4040948Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin CR4002023-10-18 13:22:312023-11-08 12:30:31
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4028494Hosiery Cloth2023-10-20 13:16:592023-11-08 12:30:59
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018516/BNP/P/E/Spares/23/PACElectrical Spares Lucid Labeller2023-10-19 15:59:102023-11-10 14:30:10
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4077328SITC of Supply Distribution Board of Briquetting Machine2023-10-18 13:22:072023-11-08 11:30:07
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4088409Digital Multimeter2023-10-18 13:18:302023-10-28 18:30:30
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4037724SMC MAKE SPARES2023-10-17 15:00:002023-11-08 18:00:00
Babnk Note Press, DewasGEM/2023/B/4037926Monthly Basis Cab and Taxi Hiring Service - Without Fuel - SUV; Mahindra Bolero.2023-10-16 11:18:122023-10-26 11:00:12
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4000655Air Handling Unit 02 nos of 32000 CFM2023-10-14 11:23:502023-11-04 11:30:50
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4038956PHYSICAL VERIFICATION OF FIXED ASSET2023-10-13 12:39:242023-11-03 10:30:24
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3778809WATER CUM FOAM TENDER2023-09-21 10:29:002023-10-12 10:29:37
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018515 /BNP/P/IF/CBBLK/PAC/23Special Carbon Black2023-10-12 17:10:332023-11-03 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3967191Hiring of consultant services for designing of Fire Hydrant system2023-10-09 14:30:062023-10-17 18:30:06
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3987049Operation and Maintenance Of Electrical Systems/Electrical Installations2023-10-06 14:49:182023-10-16 12:00:18
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018505Spare of Super Numrota III And Super Simultan IV2023-10-06 11:54:062023-11-02 14:30:06
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018503Pressure Vacuum Pump2023-10-06 11:37:172023-11-02 15:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/4021000Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Tech Grade2023-10-05 16:06:112023-10-26 15:30:11
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/388101332 INCH TOUCH BASED INTEGRATIVE INFORMATION KIOSK WITH APPLICATION SOFTWARE (Q3)2023-09-27 10:30:272023-10-18 12:30:27
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018465/Mech/SPRSELMO//23/PACSpares for ELMO Rietschle Make Pressure Vacuum Pump2023-09-26 14:45:352023-10-27 14:30:35
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3907222Pest and Animal Control Service2023-09-26 14:31:002023-10-06 12:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3836276Ferrous and non ferrous items2023-09-21 15:38:232023-10-12 18:30:23
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3811146PNEUMATIC SPARES FOR FINISHING MACHINE2023-09-21 12:10:002023-10-06 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासBNP/P/IF/Varnish Cooking Plant/2023/EOIEOI for Varnish Cooking Plant2023-09-20 14:30:002023-10-20 14:30:38
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासBNP/P/PTG/Water Demineralizer Plant/2023-24/EOIEOI for SITC of Water Demineralizer Plant2023-09-20 10:18:182023-10-20 14:30:18
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3961388Security and Protective Software including Antivirus (Q2)2023-09-18 12:00:002023-09-28 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3848174Pigment Fluorescent Flame Orange (Lithotec Orange 34)2023-08-26 10:25:362023-09-16 19:30:36
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3854436Pigment Red 1222023-08-26 10:21:372023-09-16 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3813523Micronized Calcium Carbonate2023-08-29 10:14:292023-09-19 14:30:29
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3841614Rechargeable SMF lead Acid battery2023-09-16 11:00:502023-09-26 11:35:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3867665AMC of Screw Chiller Daikin Annual Maintenance2023-09-14 11:00:452023-09-25 11:30:12
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018460/BNP/P/E/SSPARE/23/PACSpares of CNC and WSRTP2023-09-11 16:27:372023-10-04 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018462/BNP/P/ICUP/PAC/2023Impression Cylinder Undertaking2023-09-11 14:30:002023-10-03 14:30:42
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3876224ABB PLC Module Type2023-09-11 12:10:002023-10-03 12:31:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3878560SITC of Multipurpose Shredding Machine2023-09-06 11:38:412023-09-27 19:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3819885Operation and Maintenance Of Electrical Systems.2023-09-06 17:00:002023-09-16 17:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवासGEM/2023/B/3883040Manpower Outsourcing for MT garage.2023-09-08 12:00:002023-09-18 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018451/BNP/P/IF/SCBLD/23/PACPre Grind Scrapper Blade2023-09-06 16:20:072023-09-26 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3852084Railway Sleeper2023-08-26 16:15:052023-09-11 13:30:00
BANK NOTE PRESS DEWASGEM/2023/B/3847488Pneumatic  spares used in finishing Machine2023-08-31 16:00:042023-09-21 18:30:04
BANK NOTE PRESS DEWAS6000018446/BNP/P/E/DG SET/23/PACConsumables for 320 KVA 33% Lighting Diesel Engine Set Servicing2023-08-29 12:30:542023-09-22 14:30:54
बैंक नोट प्रेस देवास6000018469/BNP/P/IF/PFYG/23/PACPigment Fluorescent Yellowish Green2023-08-29 11:30:002023-09-19 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3832332Power Generator - DG Set2023-08-26 16:59:312023-09-05 11:30:31
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3847923SITC of Air Cooled Chillers 20 TR2023-08-26 12:52:442023-09-16 11:30:44
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3862513Asbestos Gland Packing Rope Graphite 10 MM2023-08-26 12:48:052023-09-16 11:30:05
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3829036Level Probe Transmitter LH-102023-08-23 12:33:492023-09-13 18:30:49
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3007924Repairing of 2000 KVA DG Set Alternator2023-02-11 16:19:002023-03-04 15:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3810605Operation and Maintenance of Effluent/Sewage Treatment Plant - Complete System2023-08-22 12:24:392023-08-29 17:30:39
Bank Note Press, DewasGEM/2023/B/3787570Industrial Paint2023-08-22 12:03:162023-08-30 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3796371Critical Electrical Spare Parts of GT Machine2023-08-22 11:50:442023-09-11 13:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3783853Phosphoric acid, food grade2023-08-18 16:26:152023-08-28 11:30:15
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3793456Various Works at Quarter Guard Building inside Factory Premises at BNP Dewas2023-08-16 16:11:572023-08-28 16:30:57
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3795040BEARINGS2023-08-16 15:23:592023-09-06 18:30:59
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3676982Epoxy Flooring Work Custom Bid for Services - AMC of Epoxy Flooring2023-08-16 13:23:112023-08-26 11:30:11
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3787694Pigment Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue2023-08-16 13:17:192023-09-06 10:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3806141Fynol Additive2023-08-16 13:06:482023-09-06 10:30:48

Tender Document

बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3698566Electrical Consumable Items2023-08-12 11:09:242023-09-02 11:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3752020PET STRAPPING ROLL 15MM2023-08-09 10:37:132023-08-29 18:30:13
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3716538Plastic Bundling Film2023-08-08 14:34:572023-08-29 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3706953100 Band rolls PVC film2023-08-04 12:30:002023-08-25 19:30:53
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3633649SPARES for Precision Air conditioner2023-08-04 15:40:052023-08-24 18:30:05
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018174/BNP/P/M/AMC/PAC/2023AMC of BPS 2000 Machine2023-04-20 12:30:492023-05-18 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3729921PVC Fills for Colling Tower2023-08-03 10:47:072023-08-12 11:30:07
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3723580FRP 6 Blades Fan2023-08-03 10:41:582023-08-23 17:30:58
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3707748Compatible Cartridge2023-08-02 16:00:002023-08-11 16:30:05
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018365/Mech/MT-5/23/PACProcurement of High Performance Live Center2023-08-01 14:30:002023-08-29 14:30:04
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018379/Mech/PMPFRWSRTP/PACPumps for WSRTP2023-08-01 16:39:262023-08-29 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3737976Repair Works at Old Polythene Godown at BNP Dewas2023-07-31 14:38:182023-08-08 17:30:18
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3591946SPARES FOR BUSH MAKE VACUUM PUMP2023-07-29 10:35:392023-08-21 10:30:39
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/37101161000 Band rolls (BOPP Film) - 40 mm width2023-07-27 11:43:192023-08-17 12:30:19
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3609110Desktop Computers - 100 PC2023-07-25 16:31:012023-08-04 19:30:01
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासSPMCIL/Bank Note Press Dewas/Purchase/2/23-24/ET/23O-rings for Komori Intaglio printing Machines2023-07-25 10:17:592023-08-25 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासSPMCIL/Bank Note Press Dewas/Purchase/3/23-24/ET/32BRASS WIRE MESS - 1002023-07-25 10:11:102023-08-25 14:30:10
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018357/BNP/Mech./Locks/2023/PACProcurement of Services with Materials for Repairing of Vault No.062023-07-21 13:10:062023-08-22 14:30:06
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018351/Mech./Sproff/2023/PACSupply of Spares of Offset 10 Komori2023-07-21 12:15:102023-09-29 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3679550Rate contract for rewinding of motors2023-07-21 11:19:202023-08-10 10:30:20
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3691058Construction of Multipurpose Hall at Chamundi Guest House at BNP Dewas2023-07-18 12:55:502023-07-28 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3689221Construction of Shed at Radhaganj Entrance Gate at BNP Dewas2023-07-18 12:51:512023-07-27 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018353 /BNP/P/E/NEW/23/PACMITSUBISHI ELECTRIC SPARES FOR THE NEW LINE PTG AND FINISHING MACHINES2023-07-18 12:41:002023-08-09 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3628280Construction of Car Parking Shed at Administrative Building Car Parking at BNP Dewas2023-07-13 17:54:282023-07-24 17:54:28
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3634115Spherical Roller Bearing2023-07-08 17:17:512023-07-29 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3546486SITC of power supply of data scan camera PC2023-07-08 17:09:182023-07-28 17:30:18
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3543551Energy Audit Services2023-07-08 17:05:572023-07-17 17:30:57
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3623271AMC - CMC of Fire Detection, Fire Alarm, Fire Hydrant2023-07-08 17:02:252023-07-17 18:30:25
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3600880Construction of GI Profile Sheet Shed at BNP Dewas Parade Ground2023-06-26 16:51:182023-07-13 17:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3617743Hydrocarbon Paraffinic Solvent CS2602023-07-07 16:48:422023-07-13 11:30:42
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3548339Print head 108 mm 12 dot for M2002023-07-07 16:45:082023-07-27 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3574837SITC of Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System2023-07-06 17:42:562023-07-25 17:42:56
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018312/Mech/SPRSINT/23/PACSpares of Intaglio and Simultan Machine2023-07-06 16:45:032023-07-25 14:30:03
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3562828SITC of energy efficient motors and VFD in two air washers2023-07-06 16:35:232023-07-26 16:35:23
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018318/BNP/P/LDPE/LTE/EXP/23LDPE Shrink Film Roll2023-06-24 18:09:062023-07-04 14:30:06
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3549343Screw Heat Pump2023-06-24 17:59:232023-07-15 12:30:23
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3437533Outsourcing of Plumbing Water2023-06-24 11:31:022023-07-03 12:30:02
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3495022Stearamide2023-06-24 11:28:442023-07-14 11:30:44
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3543391Invisible Fluorescent Pigment Red2023-06-24 11:25:582023-07-14 16:30:26
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3507795SCREW AIR COMPRESSOR2023-06-24 10:44:292023-07-14 16:30:29
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3548006Main switch2023-06-24 10:37:532023-07-12 18:30:53
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3498756Pigment Red 1702023-06-21 17:36:282023-07-03 17:36:28
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3498756Pigment Red 1702023-06-19 15:30:002023-07-03 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3564173CAMC Of IT LAN Infrastructure Of New Ink Factory2023-06-14 11:46:252023-06-24 18:30:25
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3557173SDB for new offset machine And SDB for block 6 entrance2023-06-15 11:05:172023-06-26 11:30:17
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3492758High Composite Phenolic Resin CR5802023-06-12 16:56:062023-06-22 15:30:06
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3458117Supply Installation and Commissioning of Online Inspection2023-06-12 16:59:002023-07-03 15:30:20
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3395399MOTOR2023-06-10 15:43:102023-06-30 16:30:10
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3508954Railway Siding2023-06-09 17:28:462023-06-19 16:30:46
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3507692Sartomer2023-06-09 16:37:472023-06-30 16:30:47
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3522381AMC of Photocopier Machine2023-06-08 17:30:052023-06-19 18:30:05
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3501599Hiring of consultant services for designing of Fire Hydrant system2023-06-08 18:00:172023-06-19 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3497182Calcium Chloride2023-06-08 17:09:312023-06-19 17:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3428913Cotton Towels2023-06-08 16:22:202023-06-19 11:30:20
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3436062News Paper & Magazine Supply Service2023-06-08 16:19:302023-06-17 17:30:30
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3466112Calibration Services2023-06-06 16:51:072023-06-15 15:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3400191Manpower Outsourcing Services2023-05-30 16:00:002023-06-09 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2853464LDPE Shrink Film2022-12-22 13:27:232023-01-12 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2715752AMC/CMC of Fire Detection, Fire Alarm, Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System2022-11-24 11:59:002022-12-05 18:30:57
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2945119Goods Transport Services2023-01-13 11:56:572023-01-23 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018280/BNP/E/PCBl/Komori/PAC/2023Intaglio Printing Press2023-05-24 17:29:002023-06-16 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018276/BNP/E/Board/PAC/2023Circuit Board2023-05-24 17:25:232023-06-20 14:30:23
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018259/BNP/P/IF/VSC80/PAC/23AMC OF VSC 80002023-06-03 15:42:112023-06-23 14:30:11
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3464633Hydrocarbon Paraffinic Solvent2023-06-02 15:50:062023-06-22 16:30:06
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3480626Plain RPVC shrink film2023-06-02 15:05:072023-06-12 10:30:07
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3477490Calibration Services2023-06-02 15:02:072023-06-12 11:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018247/Mech/Spares/23/PACSpares of MABEG FEEDER2023-06-01 17:15:082023-06-23 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018246/Mech/CLTHBRK/23/PACProcurement of Clutch Break and Entrance2023-06-01 17:10:242023-06-27 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018245/BNP/P/COLCYL/23/PACCollect Cylinder Blanket2023-05-31 15:42:392023-06-20 14:30:39
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3445879Manpower Outsourcing Services for Colony Cleaning2023-05-27 14:41:402023-06-06 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3444275CAMC of IT LAN infrastructure of New Ink Factory2023-05-26 15:12:002023-06-05 10:30:36
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3464565Nitric Acid2023-05-26 15:04:412023-06-05 16:30:00
  • Tender Document
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3414641Plain Copier Paper2023-05-23 17:00:002023-06-02 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3336193Manpower Outsourcing Services of Cook ,Skilled and unskilled work2023-05-18 17:08:072023-05-29 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3347475Manpower Outsourcing of DEO2023-05-18 17:03:592023-05-29 12:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018222/BNP/P/ELE/SPA/23/PACORIENTALMOTOR MAKE SPARES FOR MAKE CUTPAK MACHINE NO.52023-05-22 12:19:452023-06-13 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018219/BNP/ELEC/REP/23/PACREPAIRING OF CAB MAKE THERMAL PRINTER OF BPS MACHINE2023-05-22 12:17:132023-06-13 12:17:13
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018227/BNP/P/E/FLANGE/23/PACHEATERS OF VARIOUS RATINGS OF WSRTP2023-05-22 12:14:272023-06-13 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018182/BNP/Con/CMUP/23/PACConversion of Single Head Sheet Counting2023-04-15 12:05:512023-05-23 14:30:51
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3381425Operation and Maintenance Of Electrical Systems Electrical Installations2023-05-18 17:19:552023-05-29 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3454765Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester2023-05-18 16:47:202023-05-29 16:47:20
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3405702Rate Contract for Various Civil Maintenance Works2023-05-18 15:36:212023-05-29 11:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3378950Folding endurance tester2023-05-17 13:04:342023-06-06 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3453824Tensile Strength Tester2023-05-17 10:23:442023-05-27 10:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3363400Manpower Outsourcing Services Dispensary2023-05-17 10:03:172023-05-26 19:30:00
BNP DewasGEM/2023/B/3303977GI Pipe2023-05-16 12:21:242023-05-23 17:00:24
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018199/BNP/P/VPPF/PAC/2023Under Packing Plastic Film2023-05-15 15:24:202023-06-09 14:30:20
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3435483Cab & Taxi Hiring Services2023-05-15 12:30:002023-05-25 10:00:40
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018229/BNP/P/E/CHRO/23/PACSPARES FOR HARD CHROMIUM BATH2023-05-13 17:26:002023-06-06 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018224/BNP/P/E/POSMO/23/PACPOSMO MOTOR AND GEAR MOTOR FOR SUPER-SIZE PRINTING MACHINES2023-05-13 17:19:592023-06-06 14:30:59
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3389810LED Luminaire2023-05-13 10:58:542023-05-23 11:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3368994Refrigerant gas2023-05-11 10:40:012023-05-22 17:02:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3371277Hiring of Differant Type Vehicle (120 KM)2023-05-11 18:30:002023-05-22 18:30:57
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3394490MS DRUMS2023-05-10 15:54:072023-05-31 15:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3393013Medical Test Service2023-05-09 15:40:232023-05-19 17:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3358266Nylon Rod 1 Inch Diameter2023-05-09 11:30:482023-05-30 18:30:48
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3423168Sodium Hydroxide2023-05-09 10:14:192023-05-18 17:30:19
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3397607Sulphuric Acid2023-05-08 16:16:362023-05-18 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3376168SITC OF DUCTABLE AC2023-05-08 12:25:192023-05-12 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3398965video conferencing Service2023-05-06 15:47:022023-05-15 17:30:02
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2738133Foam Mattress2022-12-01 16:57:002022-12-12 18:30:46
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2738164Patient Bed2022-12-01 16:54:002022-12-12 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3359908Monthly Basis Cab & Taxi Hiring Service2023-05-04 16:33:542023-05-15 18:30:20
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3356996Pigment Fluorescent Concentrate Invisible Blue2023-05-03 16:49:082023-05-24 14:30:08
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3398993Pigment Carbon Black2023-05-03 16:45:372023-05-13 11:30:37
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3358324Trichloroethylene, Technical2023-05-02 15:23:552023-05-08 13:30:55
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3387736SPARES FOR VACUUM PUMP ELMO2023-05-01 15:38:122023-05-22 18:30:12
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3326923DRILL CHUCK Various 63 Items2023-04-29 12:00:222023-05-16 18:30:22
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3346964CATHODE ROD2023-04-29 10:47:102023-05-20 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3356606MOVABLE JIB CRANE2023-04-29 10:43:192023-05-22 18:30:19
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3360722Hydrocarbon Paraffinic Solvent CS 2602023-04-27 17:44:482023-05-17 17:30:48
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3321557Pigment Fluorescent Greenish Yellow2023-04-27 17:33:002023-05-17 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3388591Intaglio cleaning solution 802023-04-27 09:40:112023-05-17 09:40:11
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2445642Manpower Outsourcing Services Canten2022-09-04 16:49:482022-09-14 16:49:48
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3336462CKD MAKE PNEUMATIC SPARES2023-04-19 16:44:382023-05-10 16:44:38
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3307534Thread Locker Silicon Sealant2023-04-18 16:11:592023-05-09 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3339163Manganese Octoate2023-04-17 15:15:052023-05-08 15:15:05
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3314418Naval Brass rod2023-04-12 12:34:102023-05-03 18:30:10
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3325258SITC of glow garden and lighting2023-04-11 15:52:082023-05-02 12:30:08
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3321353PVC Louvers, PVC Eliminator, Dismantling of GI Eliminator and Louvers2023-04-11 15:41:422023-05-02 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3325623Various of 96 items2023-04-11 11:52:362023-05-02 18:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3339959Construction of Patrolling Track Parallel to Boundary Wall from Radhaganj Gate towards AB Road at BNP Dewas2023-04-11 11:48:092023-04-20 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3307853Advertisement Service - Newspaper -2023-04-08 14:13:272023-04-18 18:30:00

GeM Bid - 3307853 - Corrigendum          GeM Bid extended up to 29.05.2023

बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018161/BNP/P/MDC/23/PACMDC Flexo Life Drying Blade2023-04-08 09:39:212023-04-28 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3262676Paver Blocks from Factory Gate side to Time Office2023-04-06 17:27:262023-04-17 17:27:26
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3304583RATE CONTRACT OF CUTTING OF MACHINES2023-04-06 15:55:542023-04-27 15:55:54
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3299558Industrial Siren/Electrical Siren2023-04-04 16:10:412023-04-14 17:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3259839Alkali Refined Linseed Oil for Printing Inks2023-04-04 15:47:492023-04-24 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3309044LINEAR DRIVE FOR CTPK MC NO 42023-04-04 15:39:172023-04-25 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3279062AIR PARKER CYL REPAIR KIT2023-04-01 10:24:122023-04-22 18:30:12
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018164/BNP/P/IF/SPTBF/PAC/23Split Tube Furnace2023-03-31 11:53:452023-04-21 14:30:53
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3293939HDPE Self Adhesive Tape Roll2023-03-30 12:37:502023-04-10 19:30:50
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3265386AMC / CMC of Fire Detection, Fire Alarm, Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler System2023-03-29 11:15:292023-04-06 17:30:29
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3253301T belt pully Teeth2023-03-27 17:10:342023-04-04 16:30:34
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3262904SITC of replacement of electrical and electronics of guillotine2023-03-27 14:54:032023-04-15 17:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3287336Biomedical Waste Management Service2023-03-27 10:48:492023-04-04 16:30:49
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3287617FILTER CARTRIDGE2023-03-27 10:44:182023-04-17 13:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासSPMCIL/Bank Note Press Dewas/P/57/22-23/ET/425NACL Tablet – Sodium Chloride2023-03-24 16:44:372023-04-25 14:30:37
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासSPMCIL/Bank Note Press Dewas/P/56/22-23/ET/424Procurement of BRASS WIRE MESS - 1002023-03-24 16:45:002023-04-21 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018093/BNP/P/RRR/OT/EXP/23Re Rubberization of Inking Rollers2023-03-24 16:23:172023-04-04 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3297648Aromatic Free Hydrocarbon Solvent2023-03-23 15:50:032023-04-03 15:48:57
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासSpmcil/Bank Note Press Dewas/Purchase/52/22-23-ET/371Ink Duct Seals2023-03-21 10:24:372023-04-25 15:00:37
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासSpmcil/Bank Note Press Dewas /Purchase/53/22-23/ET/372Nickel Round or Nickel Pellets2023-03-22 10:19:172023-04-21 15:00:17
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018150/BNP/P/E/Spares/PACOverhauling servicing and amc of mitsubishi diesel engine of 2000 kva dg set2023-03-20 17:07:512023-04-11 14:30:51
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018135/BNP/P/E/Spares/PAC/23Replacement of Frequency Converter2023-03-17 14:04:472023-04-07 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018151/BNP/P/ISOAudit/23/PACISO 45001 Survellance Audit2023-03-16 16:58:412023-04-07 14:30:41
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018104/BNP/P/IF/SCBLD/PAC/2023500 Nos. of Scraper Blades2023-03-16 16:49:062023-04-07 14:30:00

Corrigendum - Due date extended on 07.04.2023

बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018132/BNP/P/QCD/PAC/2023Cablibration Test Pipecl for QCD - 2002023-03-16 16:11:342023-04-14 14:30:34
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3063256Calibration and Testing of IDMT relays2023-03-16 15:46:492023-04-05 18:30:49
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3189371Keyence Make Electrical Spares Parts2023-03-15 17:11:472023-04-04 19:30:47
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3212875Computer KPL Notapack PC2023-03-14 17:06:482023-04-04 19:30:48
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3227769Descaling Chemical2023-03-15 17:03:232023-03-25 18:30:23
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3231488Algaecides and Biocide for Cooling Water treatment2023-03-15 16:56:192023-03-25 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3139697Motor cycles2023-03-14 11:28:402023-04-03 13:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3002543145 Manpower Outsourcing Services - Minimum Wage - Unskilled2023-03-14 11:15:122023-03-20 18:30:12
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018129/BNP/P/AC/Spares/PACOverhauling of Screw Heat Pump Compressor and Motor Replacement2023-03-13 12:10:192023-04-04 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3204659Plain RPVC Shrink film2023-03-13 11:50:562023-03-21 15:30:10
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3204720Transformer oil filtration machine outdoor type2023-03-07 16:11:282023-03-28 13:30:36
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3035064Metal Beds2023-03-07 12:24:012023-03-17 18:30:01
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3201861Labels Stickers2023-03-07 11:52:292023-03-17 11:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018098/BNP/P/WET/PAC/23Wetting Agent Seiler Reflow 302023-03-06 17:11:132023-03-31 14:30:13
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3126837SITC of Solar LED light Fixtures2023-03-05 17:16:222023-04-03 17:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018114/BNP/P/IF/TMPTA/2023/PACProcurement of TMPTA (MONOMER)2023-03-04 17:41:002023-04-18 14:30:00

Corrigendum - due date on 18.04.2023

बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3171967Calibrated sheet & Offset Rubber Blanket2023-03-04 17:28:572023-03-25 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3123393HIGH PERFORMANCE LIVE CENTER MT 52023-03-03 16:25:412023-03-14 18:30:41
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3213871COPPER CABLE 1 CORE2023-03-03 10:14:412023-03-13 18:30:41
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3185277Bearing2023-03-02 12:03:222023-03-11 19:30:22
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3149519Goods Transport Service - Container2023-03-02 11:16:342023-03-09 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3059972DCP JEEP2023-03-01 16:09:102023-03-22 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3122528Split Air Conditioner Including Green2023-03-01 10:31:202023-03-09 18:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3157163Conipack Container2023-02-27 15:23:002023-03-17 16:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018090/BNP/P/Mech/Grease/PACSpecial Grease for New Numerota Machine2023-02-27 12:44:002023-03-21 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018092/BNP/P/Mech./Grease/PACSpecial Grease for New Numerota Machine2023-02-27 12:40:002023-03-21 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018072/BNP/P/M/SP.GR./23/PACSpecial Grease2023-02-27 12:36:002023-03-21 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018079/BNP/Ptg/Roll/2023/PACABRASIVE Roll White Purple and Yellow2023-02-23 14:51:002023-05-16 14:30:00Corrigendum - Due date extended 16.05.2023
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3116559Development of Open Path From Factory Gate to Time Office2023-02-13 00:00:002023-02-23 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018103/BNP/P/IT/GPS/23/PACGPS SUBSCRIPTION FOR 1 YEAR2023-02-13 00:00:002023-03-07 14:30:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3005133Oil Hydraulic2023-02-08 00:00:002023-02-18 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2972187KTA 140 Pressure Vacuum Pump2023-02-08 00:00:002023-03-01 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/ 3074217SITC of Multipurpose Shredding Machine2023-02-04 00:00:002023-02-25 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3008932Manpower Outsourcing Services – IT2023-02-06 00:00:002023-02-16 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3048421Aromatic Free Hydrocarbon Solvent2023-02-09 00:00:002023-03-02 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3021186E Cart for Garbage with Tipping Facility (Q3)2023-02-02 00:00:002023-02-13 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/3016054Plastic banding film (Q3)2023-02-03 00:00:002023-02-24 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000017978/BNP/ME/Filter/22/PACFilter Extraction2023-01-20 00:00:002023-02-21 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2972586PUMP SHOE (Q3)2023-02-01 00:00:002023-02-22 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000018040Rough Top Draw Sheets2023-01-30 00:00:002023-02-28 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2936936Dioctyl Phthalate (Q3)2023-01-31 00:00:002023-02-21 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2969392Custom Bid for Services – Hiring of Consultant for SITC of Particle Board manufacturing Plant2023-01-28 00:00:002023-02-07 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2963671Hydrochloric Acid2023-01-30 00:00:002023-02-09 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGeM/2023/B/2992738LDPE Shrink Film2023-01-28 00:00:002023-02-18 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGeM/2023/B/2967072AMC for Compressor Atlas Copco2023-01-27 00:00:002023-02-06 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGeM/2023/B/291580Drinking Water2023-01-24 00:00:002023-02-03 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2972538Hiring of Agency for ISO Certification Service2023-01-19 00:00:002023-01-30 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2930170Ball Bearings-IS:6455 (Q3)2023-01-18 00:00:002023-01-28 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2929861Customized AMC/CMC for Pre-owned Products – Air Compressor; KAESER; Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC); Quarterly; No2023-01-24 00:00:002023-02-03 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000017984Spares for Numeroprotecta machine2023-01-21 00:00:002023-02-10 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2974650Digital Multimete2023-01-20 00:00:002023-01-30 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2952869Forklifts2023-01-20 00:00:002023-01-30 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2899951Refrigerant Gas2023-01-17 00:00:002023-01-28 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2903007Steel Bookcases2023-01-19 00:00:002023-01-30 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2903068Heavy Duty Storage Racks2023-01-19 00:00:002023-01-30 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2942131Folding Endurance Tester2023-01-17 00:00:002023-02-07 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2968752Goods Transport Service – Per Trip based Service – Security Ink Consignment; Closed Body Container; 32 FT Truck2023-01-16 00:00:002023-01-27 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2956773Cotton Bandge2023-01-16 00:00:002023-01-27 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2937376Laying of Recycled Water Pipeline from CESTP to BNP Premises2023-01-16 00:00:002023-01-27 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2937310Pigment Disazo Yellow2023-01-04 00:00:002023-01-25 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2843252SITC of Power Supply Feeder for Briquetting Machine2023-01-07 00:00:002023-01-28 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2880288Item Category Pigment Carbon Black2023-01-07 00:00:002023-01-28 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2905489Microphone, PA Speaker, PA Mixer2023-01-10 00:00:002023-02-03 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2886018Procurement of Painting Items2023-01-03 00:00:002023-01-28 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2023/B/2932600HDPE Woven Bags2023-01-05 00:00:002023-01-23 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2926848Loading Unloading and Shifting work2023-01-04 00:00:002023-01-14 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2837173Financial Advisory Services – Onsite CA Or CMA Firm2023-01-04 00:00:002023-01-14 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2920723Monthly Basis Cab and Taxi Hiring Service –2023-01-03 00:00:002023-01-09 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2886018Procurement of Painting Items2023-01-03 00:00:002023-01-28 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2848261CAMC IT Infra2023-01-02 00:00:002023-01-12 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2876982Office Suite Software (Version 2.0)2023-01-02 00:00:002023-01-12 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2862778Blank ID Cards2022-12-31 00:00:002023-01-10 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2873930Acupresure and Sujok Therapy2022-12-30 00:00:002023-01-09 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2871205Fogging Machine2022-12-30 00:00:002023-01-09 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000017983/BNP/P/MECH/4147/PAC/22Spares for Numbering Box of Super Numerota Machine2022-12-30 00:00:002023-01-24 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2850902Emery Cloth2022-12-28 00:00:002023-01-03 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2850749Cutting Wheel2022-12-28 00:00:002023-01-03 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2864032Kit for kirloskar make Pump2022-12-28 00:00:002023-01-07 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2848316DATA SCAN CAMERA CABLE2022-12-28 00:00:002023-01-18 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2870649Carbon vanes Kit VT 4.40 Compressor Filter Cartridge2022-12-28 00:00:002023-01-20 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000017987/SPMCIL/BNP/P/Building Stability/22/LTProcurement of Building Stability Test and Certificate2022-12-27 00:00:002023-01-20 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2853464Polyolefin Shrink Film2022-12-22 00:00:002023-01-12 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2891122Inseck Killer2022-12-22 00:00:002023-01-02 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2863542House Keeping Items2022-12-22 00:00:002022-12-31 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2874773Laptop Notebook2022-12-22 00:00:002023-01-02 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2849147Thermic Fluids2022-12-21 00:00:002022-12-30 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2870516Tung Oil2022-12-19 00:00:002023-01-07 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2865524Micronized Wax2022-12-17 00:00:002023-01-06 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2758442SITC of Power Board and SDB2022-12-14 00:00:002023-01-04 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासGEM/2022/B/2755406Thermal PRINT HEAD2022-12-09 00:00:002022-12-30 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासBNP/P/HR/IVMS/2022/EOIEOI for Integrated Visitor Management Solution2022-12-09 00:00:002023-01-07 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासBNP/P/ACP/Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller /2022/EOIEOI for SITC of 4 No. 525 TR Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller at Main AC Plant2022-12-09 00:00:002023-01-08 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासBNP/P/ACP/Solar Water Heating System /2022/EOIEOI for Solar Water Heating System2022-12-09 00:00:002023-04-07 14:30:00

Corrigendum - Due date extended 07.04.2023

बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासBNP/P/E/7.5 MVA Transformer/2022/EOIEOI for 7.5 MVA Transformer on buy back basis.2022-12-09 00:00:002023-02-14 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासSPMCIL/BANK NOTE PRESS DEWAS/PURCHASE/44/22-23/ET/216Switch Disconnector2022-12-09 00:00:002023-01-10 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवासSPMCIL/Bank Note Press Dewas/Purchase/46/22-23/ET/252Timer, Sensor, Relay, Switch, Encoder etc2022-12-09 00:00:002023-01-10 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000017888/BNP/Mec./Disc/2022/PACProcurement of Counting Disc2022-12-01 00:00:002023-01-24 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास6000017429/BNP/ME/SPR-Intaglio/PAC/22Spares for Komori Make Intaglio Printing M/c2022-05-05 00:00:002023-01-27 00:00:00
बैंक नोट प्रेस, देवास03/BNP/P/Con/Track & Trace System/22/OTSupply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Track and Trace System at SPM- Narmadapuram, BNP-Dewas and CNP-Nashik2022-04-04 00:00:002023-04-30 14:30:00